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Namastax was founded by me, Jeroen Dijkstra, to offer small entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their tax affairs in order themselves. Namastax is a pun on the Hindi word 'namaste', a greeting in which the hands are folded and bent slightly forward. Today, outside India, the greeting is mainly used before and after yoga sessions and other spiritual gatherings. The thought then is that 'namaste' is not just a greeting, but a full acknowledgment and respect of each other's soul; a show of the utmost respect towards each other.

There are also those who say that this heavier spiritual meaning of 'namaste' is exaggerated in the West in order to add a beautiful exotic element to the spiritual Eastern Wisdoms. The greeting would simply be a common, relatively meaningless greeting in South Asia. Whatever the truth, with the name I wanted to indicate that Namastax does see small entrepreneurs.

Taxes can become a huge concern for a small business owner, while it doesn't have to be. But what are you knocking on? Tax advice and administration offices do not teach you knowledge, but take the work off your hands. And if you have a large company or deal with complex trade flows, then that is also necessary. But too many small entrepreneurs should be perfectly capable of doing their tax affairs and administration themselves and would benefit from someone showing them the way. And that's where Namastax helps!


My background 


I am originally a historian. I first studied in Groningen and Leiden, where I completed a bachelor's degree in History and a master's degree in European Union Studies. These studies gave me a nice broad theoretical background, but I missed a practical outlet for all that acquired knowledge. I eventually found this in tax law, an area in which very complex knowledge can also be applied directly in advising the practice. 


So in 2017 I started a pre-master and master course in Tax Law at Radboud University Nijmegen. At the same time I started as a tax consultant in Amsterdam at PwC, one of the 'Big Four' firms. There I gained experience in the field of international VAT, international wage tax and transfer pricing.

My passion

After four years of working with the very largest companies and institutions as clients, I have found my passion in giving the same level of peace and certainty about tax matters to smaller entrepreneurs. With Namastax I can share my enthusiasm about taxation with small business owners and at the same time give them a helping hand.


Master Tax Law, Radboud University, 2019
Pre-master Tax Law, Radboud University, 2018

Master European Union Studies, Leiden University, 2016

Bachelor of History, University of Groningen, 2015

Whom I help

Small entrepreneurs who want to get their tax affairs in order themselves, but have not yet managed to do so.

How I work

As your personal tax assistant, I explain everything you need to know as an entrepreneur about tax and administration and you can ask me all your further questions.

What's in it for you

This is your way to find peace and certainty about your tax affairs and administration, without having to outsource it to an accountant! Taxes are often easy for small entrepreneurs to do themselves and whether you want to believe it or not, if you have a grip on it, it can also be fun!

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