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VAT (btw) return


The amount of work that it takes to file your VAT (btw) return (and therefore the costs) depends on the complexity of your company. Therefore, enter your situation below.

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As a VAT entrepreneur you automatically have to file a VAT return quarterly. In some cases, however, you can change the period on your own request or at the request of the Tax and Customs Administration to monthly declarations. This can be useful for entrepreneurs who import a lot from abroad. Entrepreneurs who have to pay less than € 1,883 VAT per year can also opt for one declaration per year. But both monthly and annual returns are therefore a special choice.

Small business scheme (KOR)

If you have applied for the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR), you no longer need to file a turnover tax (VAT) return. You can apply for this if your turnover is less than € 20,000 per year. If you want to know more, see 'Advice'.


If you only perform services that are exempt from VAT, you do not have to file a turnover tax return. The exemption applies to a number of branches, such as healthcare, education and the cultural sector. But beware: not all activities within these branches are exempt from VAT. So check this carefully or look at 'Advice'.

ICP (foreign sales)

If you sell goods or services to entrepreneurs based in another EU country, you must also submit an Intra-Community Performance (ICP) statement in addition to your turnover tax (VAT) return.

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